This week we caught up with Gary. Gary is a Team Teach trainer and School Consultant. He enjoyed 27 years in primary education. Latterly, as headteacher, Gary led the amalgamation of two schools to become a successful primary school. To quote Gary “I’ll leave the quest for academic standards to others; I prefer to encourage and enable people to strengthen their resolve and resilience to keep people safe and ready to thrive”

We wanted to find out why Gary does his job, here’s what he had to say…

“The feedback from delegates has affirmed why I chose to narrow my focus from headship towards helping children who find education, and often, life, really difficult. These children with challenges, in turn, ask a great deal of the staff. They feel comfortable during the training courses because I tune in to them as people and as professionals, adapting to them as I go. They typically leave the TEAM TEACH courses with confidence in their skills, conviction in their hearts and wisdom to see the growth in children as a cumulative process, requiring their immense energy and considerable expertise.
On leaving the schools with whom I have provided consultancy support, the staff, at all levels have been reluctant to see it end. They appreciate how I work with, and reflect alongside them,  developing an emotional and trusting connection. They evolved to take up their own, various challenges with a renewed commitment and sense of optimism.”

For more information about Gary’s consultancy and Team Teach offering visit his page or contact us.