National Poetry Day on 3rd October is a celebration of poetry across the UK. This year marks its 25th anniversary with a campaign highlighting poetry’s power to touch on truth – whether intimate or on the grand scale.

How will you choose to celebrate poetry this year? National Poetry Day would like to hear from you – you can use the hashtag #nationalpoetryday to keep them informed. If you have any nominations of Truth poems, they can be emailed to .

Below are some ideas and suggestions to help you get started:

National Poetry Day 2019 25th AnniversaryPoetry in Schools

Poetry has an important place in the curriculum at school. The NPD website has a section for schools with resources, ideas, posters etc – please visit:

National Poetry Day also falls within International School Libraries Month – further details can be found on our post here.

25 favourite poetry books from the last 25 years

To celebrate National Poetry Day’s 25th anniversary, the Booksellers Association and Forward Arts Foundation announced ‘Poetry Booksellers Love’, a list of 25 favourite poetry books from the last 25 years as nominated and voted for by booksellers in the UK and Ireland. To see the announcement and 25 poetry books visit: .