Anti-Bullying Week 2020

Every November, Anti-Bullying Week takes place in schools the country. This year it is happening from Monday 16th – Friday 20th November in England and the theme is United Against Bullying.

Anti-Bullying Week is a great opportunity to reinforce the key messages about how your school approaches bullying. Everyone should know which steps to take if someone is being bullied. Pupils should be aware exactly what to do if they are being bullied, and there should be a straightforward process for dealing with those that bully others. Everyone should know how seriously you take bullying because of the long-term impact on emotional and mental health and wellbeing.

Bullying whether verbal, physical or online has a significant impact on a child’s life well into adulthood. Together we can challenge bullying. Through making small changes, we can break this cycle, creating a safe environment for everyone. Change starts with a conversation. It starts with checking in. It starts with working together.

“This year, more than ever, we’ve witnessed the positive power that society can have when we come together to tackle a common challenge. 

“Anti-Bullying Week is no different. Bullying has a long lasting effect on those who experience and witness it. But by channelling our collective power, through shared efforts and shared ambitions, we can reduce bullying together. From parents and carers, to teachers and politicians, to children and young people, we all have a part to play in coming together to make a difference.

“We’re all a piece in the puzzle, and together, we’re united against bullying.”

Martha Evans – Director of the Anti-Bullying Alliance

Odd Socks Day 2020

The week begins today with Odd Socks Day. Will you join in with Odd Socks day this year? All you have to do to take part is wear odd socks to your school – it couldn’t be simpler!  Odd Socks day usually takes place on the first day of Anti Bullying Week each year and is designed to be a fun opportunity to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality!

This is to help raise awareness of bullying. The Anti-Bullying Alliance would like to invite participating schools to ask participants to make a £1 donation – or any donation deemed appropriate – to support them in continuing to coordinate the week each year.

You do not have to raise money to take part – the most important thing is the message of Odd Socks Day – and any money raised for us is a bonus! Make sure you encourage other schools in your local area to get involved!