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About Us

Elementa is a support partner for learning provisions in the UK, built on the foundations of strategic partnership.  We ensure that we are well equipped to assist learning provisions of all types with extensive experience, open-mindedness, and a desire to have a positive impact on the outcomes of the young people we encounter.

Elementa is proud to provide our partners with the support they deserve.

What best describes you? I am a...

Learning Provision

We provide a range of services to learning provisions of all types. Here you'll be able to find out more about how we can support and assist your provisions' growth and development.

Education Professional

You've come to the right place. We work tirelessly to match great education staff to schools looking for new members of their team. Take a look at our current vacancies!

Family or Young Person

We're passionate about working with and supporting families and young people. We're here to help, not judge. Find out more about how you can get involved with our activities.

What do our clients think?

We’re firm believers in letting our partners speak for us.

Elementa takes enormous pride in having incredible relationships with schools and educatory bodies nationwide.

Blue Sky Learning
Wiltshire, UK
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"Working with Elementa has considerably enhanced my business within a very short space of time. They offer amazing value for money as well as a helping hand whether it is staff recruitment, training or just some advice. Would highly recommend"
Resourcing, Learning & Development Manager
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Never have I had such open honesty from an agency in the last decade! I’m all for better terms and that of which will benefit our financial resources being placed back into our children’s education and support.
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My experience with Elementa has been second to non! Lawrence worked hard to find a job that was suited to my wishes and needs. Being a busy singe working mum I was looking for something that was a better work life balance and that is exactly what he found for me! The whole process was easy and Lawrence went above and beyond to help me and facilitate my needs. I can’t thank Lawrence and the team at Elementa enough! I am working in my dream job, with an amazing team and finally have been able to enjoy my time with my children!
Rob Berry
Milford Haven, UK
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"The training Sarah provided my staff and I has been absolutely superb. We work in a school that has significant challenges and the students and their families have high levels of vulnerability, which has led to some challenging behaviour. Team Teach and Sarah’s approach to delivering this work has instilled confidence in my staff and given them a number of de-escalation tools, yet providing them with the techniques required if they need to restrain a child. I would recommend her wholeheartedly and would challenge any school/ SLT to have staff that are Team Teach trained whatever the schools context or circumstances. Thanks Sarah."
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During my employment with Elementa I could not have asked for a more understanding and supportive agency. Laurence went out of his way for me, keeping in contact all the time, even over the weekend! I changed assignments during my employment and kept Laurence in the loop during with how things were going and he always made time for us to catch up and usually called me every fortnight. I would highly recommend anyone looking to work in this sector to contact this agency as you are treated respectfully, as a person, not a number. They are a breath of fresh air!
Berkshire, UK
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“Having worked with Sarah and her team for over 3 years she has provided endless solutions, I could not envisage working another way! It is just a no brainer!”
Jason Wood
Bristol, UK
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"Sarah and Elementa care about education. They believe in teachers ability to change lives. They work out the strengths and passions of individual educators and find schools that match their needs. For Academy trusts and schools they offer a range of services that solve problems immediately. So if you want a job as an educator or you want teachers and services quickly and of a high standard. Contact Elementa. As a teacher I cannot recommend them enough"
Science Teacher
Bristol, UK
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“I felt listened to, and understood, the role that was presented to me was exactly what I was looking for – in comparison to other job seeking experiences I have had, working with Elementa has just been such a breath of fresh air, thank you!”
KS2 Teacher
Yeovil, UK
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“By far the most engaging training I have been on in over 15 years of working in the Education profession, Team Teach should be part of all teacher training!”
Kerry Mogg
Somerset, UK
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"I went along for a 2 day Team teach training session. I work in a school and needed different and new strategies for dealing with behaviour. I definitely got this and a lot more on my sessions. Sarah taught us how to deal with, calm down as well as positive handling. I was worried that it was going to be all about restraining but I was quickly taught that restraining is not a word to use as well as how much we can do before behaviour heightens to be needing any positive handling"
Shaun O'Connell
North Somerset, UK
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"Professional, straight forward and well organised. Highly recommended"
Joanne Lewis
North Somerset, UK
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"From my very first meeting with Sarah/Elementa I knew I had had met someone who was in the business for the very best of reasons. Quite simply, she cares.....she cares very deeply about making a difference to young people and to education; often making financial sacrifices to do this. As a highly experienced Educational Consultant she will always be my first point of call for staffing needs and bespoke support. Contact will be so worth it! An absolute legend with a heart of gold!"
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Thankyou enuogh for the opportunity that you have given me. I am so pleased to of had you in my corner through my probationary period and honestly can’t Thank you enough, and absolutely we will have a call over the holidays!
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I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for the support Elementa has provided me over the last 3+ years. Throughout I have had the pleasure of being supported by Laurence, who has regularly gone above and beyond to support me.

Lawrence not only provided his recruitment role, but he also supported and helped me through what was a difficult time. He is very professional, kind, considerate and honest and he always found the time to support and deliver whatever was needed. I feel very privileged to know him.
Learning Support Mentor
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The process for being hired with Elementa is very easy and smooth. Just a few phone calls, video meetings and emails and Elementa dealt with everything else. I had no problems with the process at all, from replying, all the way through to the hiring and throughout my job too. Elementa gave me all the information I needed, and, on the off chance I needed more, or there was something I didn't quite understand, I knew that my answers were just an email away, all explained nicely. Any needs I had were always met, and I was able to chat with Laurence about everything I needed, even when I was going through a slightly rough patch, Laurence was always there for me. I felt fully supported throughout my time with Elementa, and it was a pleasure to be involved.

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