If you’ve completed your teacher training course, but haven’t yet secured a job for the Autumn, don’t worry – we are here to help!

Most teachers tend to have shared any intentions to leave their job early in the Summer term – enabling schools to know the staff they need for the Autumn. However, in our experience, we inevitably receive urgent calls during the summer holidays requesting teachers for September, due to a variety of reasons. Elementa have sourced new teachers just days before the start of the Autumn term!

Therefore, rest assured, even now at the end of the holidays you will see additional job opportunities appearing. Sometimes people change their minds at the last minute – this can be challenging for the headteacher, but could be a great chance for you, so keep looking and don’t despair.

What can you do?

As an NQT without a job for the Autumn, you may decide that you are prepared to relocate to another part of the country. This increases the opportunities available, allowing you to cast your search over a far wider area. At Elementa, we work with schools from the Isles of Scilly all the way across to Kent, so feel free to get in touch and see if we can help.

It is worth keeping an eye on our website as we will post all positions on our Vacancies page ( https://elementa.org.uk/vacancies/ ), and making sure your CV, cover letter and supporting statement are all properly prepared and up to scratch is a must. It can be helpful to ask someone you trust to take a look and suggest any possible improvements. You need to make sure your best qualities attract attention. This is something we can help with – get in touch today.

Here are some suggestions of how to prepare:

When refining these documents, consider your teaching strengths. What is your specialism? Communicate your enthusiasm and commitment for teaching and explain why you would love to teach at this school in particular. Reference an example from teaching practice, where you helped encourage student participation, or coaching a sport.

Although it can be tempting to take the first vacancy you come across, try not to rush into taking a job that isn’t right for you. Whenever possible, visit the school and get a feel for the atmosphere as well as assessing the relationship between pupils and teachers, teachers and teachers etc.

Establish what support you can anticipate as a newly-qualified teacher (NQT). If possible, meet with your induction mentor and also confirm who else you can ask for advice and support? Don’t be afraid to ask about staff turnover, and how previous NQTs have faired at the school.

Carefully prepare for your interview and ensure that you have practised your responses to the questions you expect to be asked, such as “Provide an example of how you overcame a challenge in the course of your final teaching practice.”

For additional guidance on preparing for your interview, it might be helpful to visit the Get Into Teaching website: https://getintoteaching.education.gov.uk/post-teacher-training-application/preparing-for-your-teacher-training-interview .

Ultimately, if you are an NQT without a job – stay positive, keep looking and you will get that ideal teaching job – we wish you luck.