On Friday, the Founder of Elementa, Sarah Morrison delivered a highly engaging course of Team-Teach training at Gordano School.

Sarah Morrison demonstrating approved Team-Teach techniques

This was a 6 hour foundation course for teachers and teaching assistants as well as members of the senior leadsership team of different schools in the greater Bristol area.

The course covers personal safety as well as non-verbal and verbal de-escalation and positive handling techniques. This course is proven to improve safety, reduce incidents and boost staff confidence.

The positive feedback from those attending the course has been very enthusiastic. A few observations were: “Sarah was very knowledgeable and effective with excellent strategies. This is to be rolled out to the whole staff.” and “the pace was brilliant, any questions were answered. Make sure it goes into all schools with maximum staff trained for Team Teach.” as well as several participants praising the de-escalation strategies received and the increased confidence as a result.

If you would like to hear more about our Team-Teach courses, please call us on 0117 325 9532 or email us at hello@elementa.org.uk.