Elementa bookshelfThe end of term is almost here, and the long summer holidays are about to begin, which means lots of time for reading!

At Elementa we love to read a good book. With the long (and hopefully sunny!) days of summer here upon us, it is really relaxing to settle down with a great book and a nice refreshing drink.

Elementa bookshelfAs you can see, we have a wide variety of titles on our shelf to be choosing from this summer. These are particularly interesting when supporting younger people with additional needs. For example, the author of the book Mood Management is Bernard Allen, one of the principle individuals influencing the Team-Teach curriculum.

“Keep reading. It’s one of the most marvelous adventures anyone can have.” – Lloyd Alexander

There are countless reasons for reading books, here are just a handful…

  1. Knowledge. A primary reason for reading books is to acquire knowledge. Books are a great source of information and expertise. Reading books on different subjects allows you to learn new information as well as increasing the depth of understanding about the topics.
  2. Stress reduction. There is a positive effect on the body when reading, relieving stress better than listening to music or taking a walk. There are studies that show people who read more have a tendency to have lower stress levels.
  3. Improved communication skills. Reading improves your vocabulary and writing skills, and, as a consequence, your communication skills are also developed. Increasing your ability to communicate can benefit you in various aspects of your life including improving your relationships as well as making you a better employee or student.

Have you decided which interesting books you are going to be reading during the summer holidays?

Now, which to read first? Let’s start with…